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CAKE is a lifestyle brand offering interior and fashion accessories for people with outspoken taste who value high-quality materials and bespoke approach to decorating.

The brand offers out-of-the-ordinary, mostly handmade lifestyle products. An eye for detail and composite are important in finding balance in the design.

Cake is passionate about preserving traditional crafts, and doesn't develop any mass produced items in order to minimise CO2 emissions. 

A lot of the items are made by hand, to spend less energy and not waisting large amounts of material.

CAKE was founded by Dutch product designer Laurine Brugman and spawned by her need for unique, high-quality interior accessories.

“I can be inspired anywhere and anytime. Since childhood I have had a great eye for detail and I am inspired by beautiful color combinations, shapes, patterns or materials.


My biggest passion for (art) crafts and handmade items with a story is reflected in my own products. The fact that life itself is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for me also means that producing and designing never stops."

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